Line Extrusion

Line Extrusion is a Preset from the Layered Extrusion bundle. As with simple extrusion, you can apply one single extrusion element only. However, this extrusion is not primarily a surface, but individual lines. There are several types of lines to choose from. The preset is suitable for text layers as well as shapes and pixel layers with transparency.


The following graphic is not intended to win a beauty contest, but merely to clearly illustrate the individual modules of this preset. Final results can be found at the end of this article.

  1. Face
  2. Gap (transparent)
  3. Extrusion
  4. Background
  5. Outline

Direction of extrusion

Select the direction of extrusion with the slider. All angles divisible by 45 ° are available. You get the best optical effect usually with diagonal angles (-45 °, -135 °, 45 °, 135 °).



You can define whether the end of the extrusion or the face should be in the original position. In other words, should the original layer (which hides) overlap with the surface or the extrusion.

Origin left: Extrusion. Origin right: Face.


The following design options are available for the face:

Use a predefined color or create your own by clicking on the plus icon. To delete your own color, press the ALT key and click on the corresponding color field.
Use a predefined gradient or create your own by clicking on the plus icon. The gradient angle adjusts to the extrusion direction, if “automatic angle” is active. You can also set the angle manually with the angle controler.
StrokeYou can add a contour to faces with color or gradient fill. Stroke size can be set automatically (calculated by layer width) or manually.
Layer stlySelect an existing layer style from the Dropdown-Menu. You can also define a color for the face on which the layer style will be applied. In order for the styles to adapt the perspective of the extrusion, turn on “adjust global light”. Read more about layer styles in this article from Adobe.
Original SurfaceThe face will stay as it is. Recommended for textured layers.
Original Surface.
Colored face with a contour.
Face with gradient.
Face with ugly layer style.


Extrusion depth

Select an extrusion depth between 1 and 50.

Line type

There are 8 different types of lines available for extrusion lines.

You can change the line type with the arrows.

Line alignment

You can set the orientation of the lines manually (horizontally, vertically, diagonally down and up) or automatically according to the extrusion direction.

Diagonally up, horizontally, diagonally down, vertically.

Line size

You can define the size of the lines with the scaling slider. To ensure the lines are always consistently sharp, the scaling is set to fixed percentages: 1%, 12%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 125% and 150%. You can change the scaling manually by adjusting the pattern in the layer window in Photoshop.

Scaling: 100%
Scaling: 75%
Scaling: 25%

Line color

You can choose from 3 color options:

Line extrusion with the same color as face.
Line extrusion with color.
Line extrusion with gradient.


The extrusion is transparent except for the lines. But you can assign a color or gradient to it, allowing you to create interesting structures.

Line extrusion without background.
Line extrusion with background color.
Line extrusion with background gradient.


You can add transparent gaps of 1-50 pixels between the face and the extrusion lines.

Line extrusion without a gap.
Line extrusion with a gap of 10px.


The outline is a contour that includes both face and extrusion. The same options are available as for the contour.

Extrusion with no outline.
Extrusion with outline.

Custom Presets

All settings can be saved as Custom Presets and accessed easily at any time. Read more about Custom Presets in this article.

FX-Panel Custom Preset Create

Create Button

With this preset you can create, replace and hide. Read more about the Create Button in this article.

Create button without batch


Two different alignements and scales of one and the same line type.
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