Custom Sets

A set is a custom made compilation of single presets, similar to a bundle. They can contain items from bundles, actions, scripts or camera raw filters. Sets appear right within the Quick Finder. In a set you can not only combine different presets but you can also define a custom order. Create sets for different workflows and occasions.

Create Custom Sets

  1. Open the Quick Menu and press the Custom Set button.
  2. Click on the Create Set button. A new set will be created and an Edit Custom Set and Custom Order section will appear.
  3. Click into the text field within the Edit Custom Set section to edit the name (optional).
  4. Add presets by selecting them from the list. Selected presets will change their color to blue and appear in the Custom Order section. Use the drop-down menu or the search field to find specific presets.
  5. Drag and drop presets within the Custom Order section to change their order.

FX-Panel Custom Sets

Delete Custom Sets

  1. Open the Quick Menu and press the Custom Set button, which will navigate you to Panel Settings > Customs Sets.
  2. Select the Custom Set you want to delete from the drop-down menu.
  3. Open the Edit Custom Set section.
  4. Click on the x icon right to the set name and confirm the notification.

FX-Panel Custom Sets Delete

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