Panel Settings

The Panel settings allow you to adjust the behavior of the FX-Panel and to control specific settings. They also contain functions like custom sets, batch processing, shortcuts or reset & backup.

Open/Close the panel settings

There are three ways to open the panel settings:

  • Double click on the FX-Panel Logo in the banner.
  • Open the Quick Menu and select Panel Settings from the Quick Access section.
  • Select Panel Settings… from the flyout menu.

FX-Panel Settings Flyout

To close the panel settings, click on the top bar or right click anywhere in the FX-Panel.

FX-Panel settings

There are six panel setting categories. You can navigate through the categories by clicking on their icon in the navigation bar.

FX-Panel Panel Settings

  1. Main Settings
  2. Manage Presets
  3. Custom Sets
  4. Batch Processing
  5. Shortcuts
  6. Reset & Backup
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