Preset Tags

We assigned tags to every preset you can get from the FX-Panel shop. Those tags help you finding the proper preset for your task. There are six genres for tags: element, light, category, emotion, look and technology. Each genre has its own tags.

Open Preset Tags

  1. Open the Preset Options of the preset you want its tags to see.
  2. Click on the TAGS section in the tab bar.
  3. Click on a tag to open the search and look for all presets with the same tag.

FX-Panel Preset Tags

Tags by genre

Gerne Tags
Element dark background, bright background, black background, white backround, color background, people, dark skin, sky, water, no people, nature, winter, summer, bright skin, face, body, abstract
Light high-key, low-key, natural light, studio light, backlit sun, daylight, nightlight, colored light, continuous light, low light
Category portrait, beauty, commercial, fashion, wedding, landscapes, street, wildlife, still, live, travel, interior, product, architecture, safari, editorial, retouching, kids, christmas, holidays, halloween, workflow
Emotion faded, intense, melancholy, vivid, depressing, ordinary, sutble, hyped, happy, neutral, sensual, warm, cold, dramatic, scared
Look hdr, cinema, video, vintage / retro, soft skin, bold, stylized, modern, alternative, trendy, classic, funny, wild, epic, colorful, artistic, futuristic, western, old, 3D, glowing, cinematic, mysterious, glamorous, smooth, dramatic, hypnotic, vibrant, unique
Technology advanced, template, animation, gif, quick, video, layer, manipulation, visual effect, sketch, collage, paint, selection required, pattern, Mock-up, type, text, layer, styles, blur, glitch, distortion, non-destructive, automate, clean
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