Diamand Reflection

The Diamond Reflection is a preset from the Geometric Reflections bundle. It creates an optical effect, which reflects the content of your image in a diamond shape or rhombus. You decide how the reflection is displayed. Flip, scale or fade the content and add contour or shadow.



By default, the diamond shape will be created from the middle of the document. If you want to move the shape from its center, activate “Offset” and use the sliders. Both “left/right” and “bottom/top” slider’s values depend on the document size. So, if your document is 1000 x 1200 pixel, left/right ranges from -500 to +500 and bottom/top from -600 to +600.

Unit for the diamond size

You can set the size for the diamond relatively to the current document dimensions or absolutely in pixels.

AbsoluteSlider unit: pixels. The maximum value results from the length of the current document.
Relative to long edge

Slider unit: percent, with 100% being the size of the long edge of the current document. So if your document is 800 x 1000 pixels, 50% would be 500 pixels.
Relative to short edge

Slider unit: percent, with 100% being the size of the short edge of the current document. So if your document is 800 x 1000 pixels, 50% would be 400 pixels.

Keep aspect ration

You can decide whether the proportions of the diamond shape should be kept or not. If active, you can only change the height, while the width adjusts automatically. If deactivated, you can adjust both width and height separately.



You can define how the content is composed for reflection.

Visible LayersThe reflection will be generated from all visible layers.
Background Layer
The reflection will be generated from the background layer.
Merge current and below
The reflection will be generated from the current layer and all below.
Selected layer(s)
The reflection will be generated from all selectedlayers.

Smart Object

Defines if the content should be converted to a smart object or kept as a regular layer. Smart objects allow you to work non-destructively. Read more about smart objects in this article from Adobe.

Regular layer and smart object in Photoshop.

Transform reflection

Flip verticallyThe reflection will be flipped vertically.
Flip horizontally
The reflection will be flipped horizontally.
Scale Content
The reflection can be scaled or scaled-down by 50% with a slider.


Activate fading, if you want to create a layer mask for the shape of your reflection. You can choose between an empty layer mask or a gradient pre-filled mask in four different directions.

Layer masks with different gradients.


Left: reflection without shadow. Right: reflection with shadow (85% opacity, 170 px size).

You can add a shadow to the shape and define the opacity and size with separate sliders.


Activate stroke, if you want to add a color stroke to your shape or use the stroke as the reflection. You can adjust the size of the stroke with a slider. There are three types of strokes:

ColorUse predefined colors or create your own.
GradientUse predefined gradients or create your own.
Content (no fill)
The fill of the shape becomes transparent, so only the stroke will be visible. The content is displayed within the stroke.
Left: Color. Center: Gradient: Right: Content (no fill).

Custom Presets

All settings can be saved as Custom Presets and accessed easily at any time. Read more about Custom Presets in this article.

FX-Panel Custom Preset Create

Create Button

With this preset you can create, replace and hide. Read more about the Create Button in this article.

Create button without batch


Geometric Reflections – Diamond example

Panel Options Screenshot

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