The FX-Panel is all about presets. In this article we want to give you an idea, what a preset is and what kind of different preset categories there are.

For the FX-Panel, you can either buy presets in our FX-Panel Shop or you can create your own, by adding actions, scripts or camera raw filters. The presets you can get from the FX-Panel Shop are sold as bundles, which contain multiple presets.

FX-Panel for Scripts, Actions, Bundles and Camera Raw

Alle presets, whether bundlesactions, scripts or camera raw filter can be categorized in:


A look is responsible for the colors and contrasts in a picture. A look can be vintage, high-fashion, modern, stylized, black & white etc. That’s why we also included a coloring subcategory for looks: color, black & white and monochromatic.


Effects will manipulate your image, text or shapes.


They will not only save you a lot of time, but they can create things, you probably wouldn’t do. Mathematical calculations, automatic values or a simple generation of multiple layers.

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