Undo Presets

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If you applied some looks or effects to your current document, you may want to undo them all at once. That’s why we created the Undo Presets function.

Undo Presets

The undo presets function can either be found in the Quick Menu or in the Preset Options.

  • Open the Quick Menu and select Undo Presets.
  • Open the Panel Options, navigate to the Create Button and hold the shift key while hovering over it. The Button changes to red and shows a trash icon. A click on that button will undo all presets.

FX-Panel Undo Presets Button

The undo presets function will only work as long as the document is open. Once you save and close it, undo presets will only work for the presets applied after you reopened it.
Time-saver presets will not be affected by the undo presets function!
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