A workflow preset combines several presets. You can mix presets from bundles, actions, scripts and camera raw filter. Furthermore, additional workflow presets are available, such as “Close Document” or “Select Tool”. This allows you not only to create complex processes but also to generate your own image looks with adjustment layers. You can also add your own thumbnails and searchable information.

Create a Workflow

  1. Open the Quick Menu.
  2. Click on the Workflow button in the Add section. A new workflow will be created.
  3. Define a name for the workflow (optional).
  4. Select a preset set form the list. You can choose between a specific custom preset or use the current settings. Click on Add To Workflow.
  5. Repeat step 4 with all the other preset you want to add.
  6. You can change the order by moving the individual preset elements.
  7. Click on a preset element to make further adjustments.
  8. Test the preset by clicking on the Create button.

Workflow Preset

In addition to the regular presets in your panel, there are also workflow-specific presets that can be added only in a workflow. Select the Workflow Presets category from the drop-down menu. The following workflow presets are available.

Change Layer HierarchyMoves a layer within the layer hierarchy.Element placement, layer reference
Change Layer PropertiesChanges the properties of the selected layer.Name, color, blend mode, opacity, visibility.
Close DocumentCloses the current document.Ask to save
Create Adjustment LayerCreates an adjustment layer, such as curves or levels.Layer mask, name, color
Create New GroupCreate a new group at a specific position.Position, name, color
Create New LayerCreate a new layer at a specific position.Position, name, color
Create Solid ColorCreate color fill with predefined or variable color.Fill color, layer mask, name, color
Open/Close GroupSelect group and close or, close
Recreate LayerReads parameters from a selected adjustment layer and reconstructs them.
Select a layerSelect a specific layer.Top, background, by name
Select a ToolSelect a Photoshop tool.Tool, preset
TransformTransform the current layer.Offset, angle, size

Custom Images

You can create your own images for your workflow. Please take a look here: Custom Image.

Export a workflow

  1. Open the Panel Options of the workflow preset you want to export.
  2. Click on the Panel Info tab.
  3. Click on the Export Presets button and select a location. Confirm with OK.

Delete a workflow

  1. Open the Panel Options of the workflow preset you want to delete.
  2. Click on the Panel Info tab.
  3. Click on Delete Presets button and confirm the notification.

Delete all workflows

  1. Go to Panel Settings > Manage Presets.
  2. Navigate to the Workflow section and open it.
  3. Hold the ALT key and click on the button right to the Add Workflow item, which should change to Delete all workflows. Confirm the notification.
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