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Collection of 5 extrusion effects for Photoshop with FX-Panel. Every preset comes with variations or options, which can be modified and saved as custom presets.

  1. Simple Extrusion
  2. Line Extrusion
  3. Alternating Extrusion
  4. Cake Extrusion
  5. Advanced Extrusion

The FX-Panel Photoshop extension is required for this bundle.

Photoshop & FX-Panel required


This Layered Extrusion bundle contains five presets that will extrude your text, shape or any other layer with transparency. Use the simple extrusion for a single extrusion element. The line extrusion allows you to create an extrusion out if line. The alternating extrusion alternates two different colors (or gradients/layer styles) up to 10 times. The cake extrusion has 6 elements which can be divided by a color or transparency. The advanced extrusion lets you adjust up to 6 extrusion elements individually.

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Required FX-Panel version

1.0.2 (and higher)

Number of presets


Required Photoshop Version

Photoshop CC 2015.5 (or higher)


Advanced Extrusion, Alternateing Extrusion, Cake Extrusion, Line Extrusion, Simple Extrusion



Product Page

Layered Extrusion

2 reviews for Layered Extrusion

  1. Sophia Jacobs

    It’s very easy, once you understand how it works. I’m using it for Pinterest.

  2. Oliver M.

    So much fun.

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