The easiest and safest way to install Photoshop Panels is to use third-party software like Anastasiy’s Extension Manager or ZXP-Installer. Both are free, but we prefer Anastasiy’s Extension Manager.

Step-by-Step installation guide (Win/Mac)

  1. Download and install the free software Anastasiy’s Extension Manager (Win & Mac).
  2. Download the FX-Panel from your download area and unzip it.
  3. Close Adobe Photoshop.
  4. Open Anastasiy’s Extension Manager and either drag the FX-Panel.zxp file into the app or hit the Install button in the menu and select FX-Panel.zxp manually.
  5. Enter your system username and password, if requested.
  6. You get a notification, once the installation was successful. Close Anastasiy’s Extension Manager and open Photoshop, then go to Window > Extensions > FX-Panel.
If you experience any trouble with Anastasiy’s Extension Manager, please try the ZXP-Installer.
FX-Panel Install with Anastasiys Extension Manager

Some people get an antivirus warning, when trying to unpack the .zip file. We use JavaScript for the FX-Panel, which some antivirus software mistakenly recognize as an issue. Please check your antivirus software support page for more informations.
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