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From Photoshop 2017


FX-Panel 1.3 requiered

A fun way to create Pixel Art in Photoshop

It has never been so easy to create pixel artworks in just a couple of seconds.

Photoshop Presets

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Start creating pixel artworks in Photoshop with the FX-Panel!

Toy Bricks

Turn your images into bricks. Define the knob size, contrast, direction of light and add a logo.

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20px brick size, 85% knob size, contrast: 3, light directon:93, logo size: 100%, logo depth: 1000.

52px brick size, 50% knob size, contrast: 4, light direction: 30, no logo.

Diamond Pixels

Turn your images into huge square pixels and rotate them between -90° to 90°. You can also activate blurred lines for a totally different effect.

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25px diamond, -45° angle.

50px diamond, 60° angle, blur with 46 intensity.

Triangle Pixels

Turn your images into isosceles triangular pixels.

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20px horizontal triangle, 80% stretched vertically.

6px vertical triangle, 58% stretched vertically.

Stretched Pixels

Turn your images into rectangular, rounded or circular pixels and stretch them.

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50px circular, 20% stretched horizontally.

20px rounded,  52% stretched vertically.


The perfect addition to emphasise edges with dark or bright outlines.

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Bright outline, coloured, width: 1, brightness: 10, contrast: 4, opacity: 100, roundness: 1.

Dark outline, not coloured, width: 1, brightness: 20, contrast: 2, opacity: 100, roundness: 1.

Presets in the FX-Panel

Here’s how the Pixelator bundle looks in both list and image view in the FX-Panel.

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