FX-Panel Photoshop Presets

Collage Creator

From Photoshop 2017

FX-Panel 1.2 requiered

The fastest way to create collages and layouts in Photoshop

It has never been so easy to create professional layouts in just a couple of seconds.

Photoshop Presets

Adjustable Preset Options

Customizable Settings

Detailed Documentation

Start creating your collages in Photoshop with the FX-Panel!

1. Select a Collage preset

Select one of the five Photoshop presets for the FX-Panel. Every preset has different options, allowing you to create the perfect layout.

2. Choose a placeholder type

Whether you prefere frames (Photoshop CC 2019), groups with masks or shapes with clipping masks to create a layout, our Photoshop presets provide all three methods.

3. Design the placeholder

There are many options to adjust the look of the placeholders. Whether they are frames, groups or shapes.

4. Add to document or selection

You can apply the layout to the whole document or a selected area.

5. Add images

Simply drag your images on the frames, into a group or above a shape and make it a clipping mask. The optical result is always the same.

5 Photoshop Presets for countless layouts, well documented.

Classic Collages

Fancy Collages

Shape Collages

Grid Collages

Strip Collages

Presets in the FX-Panel

Here’s how the Collage Creator bundle looks in both list and image view in the FX-Panel.

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