Dodge & Burn Curves

Dodge & Burn Curves is a preset from the Retouching Bundle. This allows you to generate gradation curves, especially for the Dodge & Burn technique. There are many options available for you to adjust the preset to your workflow: intensity, saturation, grouping, independent creation of each Dodge and Burn curves, and many more. In addition, you can define which tool will be selected.


Dodge and/or Burn curve

You can create both a DODGE and BURN curve simultaneously, or just one of them. Depending on what you need. Note that a minimum of one of the two options is selected.

Group or adjustment layer

The curves can be created as individual adjustment levels (layer) or within a group. The main difference is the layer mask, which is placed on either the adjustment layer or the group. Both the individual layer and the group can be grouped in a main group, without a layer mask.

Left: Curves in a group with a mask. Right: Curves with a layer mask.


For groups, it is possible to add a hue/saturation adjustment layer. This allows you to equalize the saturation directly during the Dodge & Burn process. The saturation options can be found below.

Hue / Saturation adjustment layer in their folders.

Select Layer

You can choose which layer/group should be selected by default (if both layers/groups are created).

Dodge / Burn Settings

Group/Layer name & color

You can define the name and color for the Dodge & Burn layer and group.


You have 4 intensities available. The more intense the contrast, the stronger the effect.

Intensity of Dodge curves from 1 to 4.
Intensity of Burn curves from 1 to 4.

Saturation Settings

When creating curves in a group, you can define a hue/saturation adjustment layer. In addition to the layer name and layer color, you can also use a slider to define the saturation value.

Group Settings

The Dodge & Burn curves will be placed in a group of your choice if this option is active.


New Group

For each Dodge & Burn layer, you create, a new group will be created, if this option is active.

Dedicated Group

Each Dodge & Burn curve you create will be added to the same group. If a group with the defined name does not yet exist, it will be created automatically. Of course, you can move the group within your layer hierarchy.

No subgroup

Group name & color

You can define the name and color of the group.

Change Group name and color


Choose whether to select a tool after you created the Dodge & Burn layer. For each tool, you can use the current settings or define a tool preset (if any). The following tools are available:

  • Brush

Custom Presets

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