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From Photoshop 2015.5

FX-Panel 1.1 requiered

FX-Panel x Retouching

A new Photoshop Retouching Experience

The Retouching Photoshop Presets for the FX-Panel will change the way you work forever! Professional, advanced retouching techniques combined with the power of the FX-Panel.

Photoshop Retouching Presets

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10 Photoshop Presets for Retouchers

FX-Panel Retouching: Check Layer

Check Layers


Dodge & Burn Layers

Dodge & Burn Curves

Match Color

Frequency Separation

Inverted High Pass

Merge Layers

New Layer

Update Smart Object

Photoshop Preset 1

Check Layers

Photoshop Layers which help you analyze your image. Nine check layers in total. Create them separately or all at once.

  • Invert
  • Solar Curve
  • Contrast
  • Black & White
  • Channel Mixer
  • Neutral Color
  • Increase saturation
  • Hues on Grey
  • Hues on Black
Solar Curve

The solar curve exaggerates all differences in a picture. It is useful for finding spots, sensor dust, or blemishes that might not be visible to the naked eye.

Channel Mixer

The channel mixer exaggerates all differences in skin tones. It is useful for blemishes and spots on the skin that might not be visible to the naked eye.

Hues on Black

Hues On Black displays all neutral colors like black, white or gray as pure black. This is useful for finding colors in your image.

Photoshop Preset 2


Stretch areas in your picture, such as legs, neck, arms but also objects like trees or buildings.



Extend Canvas

Photoshop Preset 3/4

Dodge & Burn

The FX-Panel Retouching Presets are perfectly suitable for using the Dodge & Burn technique. Whether you’re working with layers or curves, we offer many options for your skin retouching workflow.

Add layer to same folder

Optional Layer Numeration

Automatic Tool Selection


Empty or 50% gray layer.


Curves adjustment layers with mask.

Curves (advanced)

Curves adjustment layers in groups with mask.

Photoshop Preset 5

Match Color

Match two colors based on mathematical calculations. You can easily correct different skin colors or adjust shades in clothing.

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Photoshop Preset 6/7

Retouching Techniques

Use popular skin retouching techniques like frequency separation or inverted high pass with the FX-Panel Photoshop Retouching presets. Both come with many options.

Automatic Calculation

Smart Layer Renaming

Automatic Tool Selection

Frequency Separation

Frequency separation with protected layers.

Inverted High Pass

Inverted High Pass layer with parameters automatically added to the layer name.

Photoshop Preset 8

Merge Layers

A simple way to merge layers either in a smart object or as a new layer. You can also optionally apply a filter directly to the new layer, like camera raw or liquify.

Photoshop Preset 9

Update Smart Object

Update or overwrite the content of a selected smart object. Properties of the smart object, such as layer mask, layer effects, or smart filters, will be preserved.

Photoshop Preset 10

New Layer

Create a layer with one click. Define both blending mode and opacity. Attach a layer mask to the layer, which is either black or white, or a luminance mask.

And much more…

Add Presets

You can adjust the FX-Panel’s range of functions by adding even more useful Photoshop Presets from our Shop. Or include your own actions, scripts, and camera raw presets.

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