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Main Features

The FX-Panel has over 80 individual functions that help you improve your Photoshop life. Here are some of the main features you get:

Create or import presets

Add our bundles, import actions and scripts, or create your own looks.

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Variations & Options

A preset is so much more than just an action. You can adjust nearly anything.

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Presets as list or images

Display your presets in a convenient list or as beautifully floating images.

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Batch processing

Save a massive amount of time by applying preset to a folder with images.

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FX-Panel list view in Photoshop

Powerfull search

Presets have searchable attributes to ensure you find what you’re looking for.

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Customize your presets

Save settings as custom presets or create your own look presets.

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Shortcut integration

Use shortcuts for our main functions or place them on your favorite devices.

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Mark as favourite

Favor your most valuable presets to access them quickly.

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Why you should use the FX-Panel

FX-Panel Create Button is easy-to-use


Take the headache out of Photoshop with simple but powerful methods. Probably the smartest way to edit your pictures.

Edit like a Photoshop pro with the FX-Panel

Edit like a pro

Maximize your results with professional, yet affordable add-on presets from our shop. User-friendly, versatile and efficient.

Save time in Photoshop with the FX-Panel

Save time & money

The FX-Panel can be your perfect assistant in Photoshop, allowing you to finish your tasks faster and more effective.

Photoshop Presets

The FX-Panel is a container for all your creative automations. Add as many presets as you want.

Preset from our Shop

Set of professional and versatile effects, looks and time-saver from our shop.

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Photoshop Actions

Import your actions, create custom previews and add searchable parameter.

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Photoshop Scripts

Import your scripts so you never have to look for them on your hard drive again.

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Camera Raw Filter

Create camera raw presets or add existing ones and manage their settings.

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Combine multiple presets or create your very preset to imporve your workflow.

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FX-Panel add actions and scripts in Photoshop

Some of our best-selling add-ons


Layered Extrusion

Collection of 5 extrusion effects for Photoshop. From simple extrusion over line extrusion to advanced extrusion. Perfect for text, shapes and graphics.

FX-Panel Retouching Bundle for Photoshop


Professional, innovative retouching techniques combined with the power of the FX-Panel. These Retouching presets will change the way you work forever!



Protect your images with different sorts of watermarks. Modify your file info through pre-defined metadata. And add QR codes right in Photoshop.

Collage Creator for Photoshop

Collage Creator

It has never been so easy to create professional layouts in just a couple of seconds. Choose betwenn hundrets of layout or create your own.

FX-Panel presets options in photoshop

Preset Options.

Our presets are not just Photoshop Actions. They have options, variations and much more. All settings can be saved as custom presets.

Options and Variation

Looks often provide color adjustements. Effects allow you to control most of the visual elements. And time-saver let you control all relevant options.

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Preset Info & Tags

Aside preset relevant informations, you can check how many times a presets has been used and on which date at last. We also assigned seacharble tags to every preset.

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Save settings as custom presets

All settings can be saved as custom presets, so you don’t have to adjust the parameter every time. Those custom presets can be exported any time.

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Create, replace or hide

You can set the create button to either create, replace previous or hide previous. Some presets also support batch processing.

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Trusted by the most successfull

  • With the FX-Panel we tried to create a very advanced Photoshop Plugin. I can't even image how much time it saved me so far.

    DomQuichotte Photographer
  • I'm using the FX-Panel on a daily bases for my Photoshop work.

    Lasse Behnke
    Lasse Behnke Composer
  • I travel a lot. The FX-Panel is the perfect assistant. It helps me to quickly process my images, create amazing Pinterest boards and animated Instagram stories.

    Katrin Lehr
    Katrin Lehr Travel Blogger
FX-Panel easy batch processing in Photoshop

Safe time.

Set up correctly, the FX-Panel will reduce your effort radically. The amout of time you save using workflows, custom presets and more is enormous.
Preset Options
Custom Presets
Batch Processing

Here’s how it works

Get the FX-Panel right now

You can buy the FX-Panel or a combination of the Photoshop Panel and our bundles. Bundles can be purchased separately at any time.
Product box mock-up of the FX-Panel


The FX-Panel only. Ideal if you want to manager your own actions, scripts and create custom workflows.

34,99€ or 42,99$

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Product box mock-up of the FX-Panel Look Kit

Look Kit

FX-Panel with 50 color, black &  white and monochromatic look presets included. Perfect fit for photographers.

69,99€ or 82,99$

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Product box mock-up of the FX-Panel Essential Kit

Essentials Kit

The perfect starter kit with 13 essentials presets, including eight looks, one effect and four time-saver.

39,99€ or 45,99$

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FX-Panel Retouching Kit Mock-up

Retouching Kit

The FX-Panel kit for professional retouching. 10 time-saving presets with customizable and efficient options.

74,99€ or 86,99$

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