Dodge & Burn Layer

Dodge & Burn Layer is a preset from the Retouching Bundle. This can be used to generate individual layers for the Dodge & Burn technique. You can define whether an empty or a 50% gray layer is created in blending mode soft light (or other). The layers can be numbered and automatically placed in a continuous group. In addition, you can select a tool afterward.


Depending on which method you prefer, you can choose an empty layer and a neutral layer (50% gray).

Empty layer (left) and 50% gray layer (right), both in blending mode soft light.


You can create the Dodge & Burn layer directly above or below the currently selected layer (except for dedicated group).

Layer Settings

Blending mode & opacity

Typically Dodge & Burn layers are used in blending mode soft light. But you can also choose overlay for a more intense result. You can also set the opacity of the layer.

Layer name & color

You can define the name and color for the Dodge & Burn layer.

Protect Layer

You can fix the new layer to avoid moving your Dodge & Burn. The following options are available:

  • None
  • Position
  • Artboard Autonest

Count layers

To better distinguish the Dodge & Burn layers from each other, you can use this option to add a number to the layer name.

Layers without and with automatic numbering.
Reset counter

If you want to reset the counter for the numbering, click on the button. The numbering starts again at 1.

Group Settings

The Dodge & Burn layer will be placed in a group of your choice if this option is active.

Dodge & Burn layers in a dedicated group (left) and without grouping (right).


New Group

For each Dodge & Burn layer, you create, a new group will be created, if this option is active.

Dedicated Group

Each Dodge & Burn layer you create will be added to the same group. If a group with the defined name does not yet exist, it will be created automatically. Of course, you can move the group within your layer hierarchy.

No subgroup

Group name & color

You can define the name and color of the group.

Change Group name and color


Choose whether to select a tool after you created the Dodge & Burn layer. For each tool, you can use the current settings or define a tool preset (if any). The following tools are available:

  • Brush (for empty layers)
  • Dodge Tool (for 50% gray layers)
  • Burn Tool (for 50% gray layers)

Custom Presets

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