A Photoshop Panel for Beginners and Pros!

Whether you’re a photographer, image editor, retoucher or graphic designer, the FX-Panel can be effectively integrated into your workflow.
Types of presets in the FX-Panel list view

The FX-Panel is a container for presets.

Add preset bundles from our shop or integrate your own actions, scripts or camera raw filter.
preset types for the FX-Panel like bundles actions script camera raw filter

One preset –
many options!

Our presets come with a variety of options and adjustments, which can be saved as custom presets.
FX-Panel Preset Options in Photoshop on Microsoft Surface Studio
Types of presets in the FX-Panel list view

Looks, Effects &

We divide presets in these categories. Time-Savers will not only save you a lot of time, but they can create things, you probably wouldn’t do.

Find what you need.

The FX-Panel offers different methods to find the preset you’re looking for. Like favorites, statistics, tags or filters.

The Quick Finder.

A drop-down menu, containing highly useful categories to limit the display. You can also create your own sets.
FX-Panel Instruction Quick Finder Filter
List and Image view in Photoshop on Microsoft Surface Studio

List and Image View.

Toggle between a compact list and beautifully floating images.

The Quick Menu.

Quickly access the most important features right from the quick menu.

Make the FX-Panel your panel.

Define shortcuts, use custom presets and create custom images.
You can access FX-Panel commands, presets and views from the Keyboard Shortcut Dialog in Photoshop. This gives your the freedom to incorporate external devices, such as the Logitech Craft Crown.
FX-Panel Custom Preset List View

Custom Presets.

You can save all adjustments for every presets and use them for different purposes.

Custom images

Create your own thumbnails for actions, scripts and camera raw filter.
Create custom images in the FX-Panel

More features.

Intelligent Algorithms

The FX-Panel produces automatic values based on your pictures parameters. You don’t have to worry about anything.

Language independent

No matter in which language you’re using Photoshop, all presets will work. No errors, no annoying notifications.

History Entries

Don’t spam your history panel with entries you don’t actually need. Every preset you apply is one item only, in your history.

Camera Raw Options

Additional options for all Camera Raw presets. Change settings like grain or vignette globally for all your looks.

Photoshop Icon
Photoshop integration

Works with Photoshop CC 2015.5 (or later). Additional free software is recommended for installation.

Backup options

Backup your settings, custom presets & images, preset options and custom camera raw filter.

Batch processing

Apply a preset to all your images within one folder. Let the FX-Panel do the work for you.

Video Support

Many of your presets also work with videos, once it’s converted into a smart object.

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