Retouching (Coming soon)

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Collection of 10 retouching presets for Photoshop with FX-Panel. Every preset comes with variations or options, which can be modified and saved as custom presets.

  1. Check Layers
  2. Dodge & Burn Curves
  3. Dodge & Burn Layer
  4. Elongation
  5. Frequency Separation
  6. Inverted High Pass
  7. Match Color
  8. Merge Layers
  9. New Layer
  10. Update Smart Object

The FX-Panel Photoshop extension is required for this bundle.

Photoshop & FX-Panel required

Additional information

Created by FX-Ray
Credit Photo: ©Joachim Hiller
Required FX-Panel version 1.0.2 (and higher)
Number of presets 10
Required Photoshop Version Photoshop CC 2015.5 (or higher)
Presets Check Layers, Dodge & Burn Curves, Dodge & Burn Layer, Elongation, Frequency Separation, Inverted High Pass, Match Color, Merge Layers, New Layer, Update Smart Object
Version 1.0.0
Product Page Retouching


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