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Collection of 10 vivid, colorful preset looks, particularly suitable for artificial or colored light sources but also landscapes, architecture or portraits. Every preset comes with variations or options, which can be modified and saved as custom presets.

The FX-Panel Photoshop extension is required for this bundle.

Photoshop & FX-Panel required


The Virtual Reality bundle contains six camera raw and four adjustment layer looks. We created presets with strong and vivid colors, which are perfect for artificial or colored light. Your landscape and architecture pictures or portraits also benefit from this bundle. As usual, you can count on the smart automatic values created by the FX-Panel and make global Camera Raw adjustments for grain, sharpening, vignette and noise reduction.

Additional information

Version 1.6.0
Number of presets 10
Presets Avocado , Warm Highlight, Winter Sky,  Into The Woods,  Jupiter,  Pansy,  Pistachio,  Smaragd,  Timber,  Wicked
Created by FX-Ray
Required FX-Panel version 1.0.0 (and higher)
Required Photoshop Version Photoshop CC 2015.5 (or higher)
Credit Model: Mella, Photo: ©DomQuichotte
Product Page Virtual Reality


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