What is the FX-Panel?

The Photoshop panel is a pool of presets that contain interesting looks, effects, or time-saving features. The FX-Panel comes with 10 presets by default and can be extended by any number of other presets from our shop. These presets can be easily added with one click and offer many options, variations and customizations. Whether you’re a photographer, image editor, retoucher or graphic designer, the FX-Panel can be effectively integrated into your workflow.

How to install the FX-Panel

The easiest way to install the FX-Panel is to use third-party software like ZXP-Installer or Anastasiy’s Extension Manager. Both are free. Once you’ve downloaded the FX-Panel, unzip it and open the FX-Panel.zxp with one of those applications. That’s it! Please also check our Installation Video Tutorial.

Which Photoshop version is required for the FX-Panel?

FX-Panel runs under Windows and Mac in Photoshop CC 2015, CC 2015.5, CC 2017 and CC 2018. Adobe Creative users can update their Photoshop version for free. Older versions (CC 2014, CC, CS6 and older), Photoshop Elements and Lightroom are not supported.

If you don’t have a working Photoshop version, click on the banner below (affiliate link).

On how many computers may I use the FX-Panel?

The panel includes one licence, which can be installed on two computers. Each user needs a separate licence, though! For buying multiple licences for businesses, please contact us.

Is it possible to create my own presets?

Creating your own presets is not possible. But you can customize most of our presets and even save those changes. Should you ever feel the need for a specific preset, please request it here.

Does the FX-Panel support all Photoshop color themes?

Yes, it does. The FX-Panel uses Photoshop’s native colors and adjusts to the Photoshop Color Theme.

Is it possible to use shortcuts?

Yes, we created a list of shortcuts, which can be edited within Photoshop’s shortcut menu. Shortcuts are available for the following commands.

  • Next Preset
  • Previous Preset
  • Apply Preset
  • Open/close Preset options
  • Open/close FX-Panel
  • Toggle list/image view
  • Delete all presets applied to a document
Which payment methods are available?
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • Amazon Pay
  • Bank Wire Transfer
How to reset the FX-Panel?

Sometime the FX-Panel is simply stuck in a problem. In this case, we suggest you reset the whole panel. Make sure the backup your settings first. To reset the panel, open the Fly-Out menu and select “Reset Panel”.

Why does it take so long to apply a preset?

The FX-Panel’s performance depends on three factors: the computer’s speed, the preset type and your image’s size. If your computer is too slow, the panel will be as well. Adjustment layers always work faster than CameraRaw-Filter (since a copy of the whole document must be merged into one SmartObject first). But the probably most significant issue is the size of the document. So if you’re trying to apply a CameraRaw-Preset to a 1Gb file with 50 layers, this might take a while. We suggest you experiment with a small, merged file first (which can be easily created with out Copy Document preset) and then apply the final look to the original image.

How to save custom presets?

Open the Panel Settings and navigate to the last tab Reset & Backup Options. Select the Backup Preset Settings menu and click Export.

How to save the panel settings?

Open the Panel Settings and navigate to the last tab Reset & Backup Options. Select the Backup Panel Settings menu and click Export.

How to delete all applied presets within a document?

If you are actively working and applying presets in a document, you can easily delete them all at once by clicking on the X-icon in the bar. However, this is only possible as long as you don’t apply presets in another documents and only until you close the document.

How to delete an already applied preset when applying new presets?

By default, an already to a document applied preset will be hidden when adding a new one. To change that, go to Panel-Settings and navigate to the Previous Preset in Document menu. Activate Delete to overwrite old presets with the new one or deactivate Hide to add new presets to the already existing one(s).

Do preset always have to be the top layer?

No. Open the Panel-Setting and navigate to the Preset Hierarchy menu. Deactivate Top Layer. Now a preset will be applied right on top of the currently selected layer.

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