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Collection of 6 time-saver presets for Photoshop with FX-Panel. Every preset comes with variations or options, which can be modified and saved as custom presets.

  1. Layer Cleaner
  2. Layer Renamer
  3. Layer Rasterizer
  4. Layer to Smart Object
  5. Smart Object to Layers
  6. Undo Transformation

The FX-Panel Photoshop extension is required for this bundle.

Photoshop & FX-Panel required


This bundle contains six presets that deal exclusively with layers in Photoshop. Clean up your Photoshop document automatically in just seconds: delete empty and hidden layers, remove unused layer effects and smart filters, eliminate annoying layer, filter, and vector masks. If you want to hand over a PSD file to a client, you can easily and quickly rename layers (according to certain criteria) and automatically rasterize layers to save space or limit the editability of your document. You can also convert multiple layers into individual smart objects or turn smart objects back into individual layers. Transformed text layers or smart objects can be brought to their original form with just one click.

Additional information

Created by

FX-Ray, Jaroslav Bereza


Photo: ©kotoffei / Adobe Stock

Required FX-Panel version

1.1 (and higher)

Number of presets


Required Photoshop Version

Photoshop CC 2015.5 (or higher)


Layer Cleaner, Layer Rasterizer, Layer Renamer, Layer to Smart Object, Smart Objects to Layers, Undo Transformation



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Layer Manager


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