FX-Ray Essentials


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Documentation FX-Panel

Collection of 13 essentials presets for testing the full range of features of the FX-Panel. Every preset comes with variations or options, which can be modified and saved as custom presets.

  1. Apocalypse
  2. Black & White
  3. Chessboard
  4. Comic
  5. Copy Document
  6. Coral
  7. Duotone
  1. Duplex
  2. Export
  3. Gentle Violet
  4. Old Pola
  5. Sharpening
  6. Slideshow

The FX-Panel Photoshop extension is required for this bundle.

Photoshop & FX-Panel required


This FX-Ray Essentials bundle contains 13 presets, including eight looks, one effect and four time-saver. The bundle is ideally suited for testing the full range of features of the FX-Panel. The eight looks and the comic effect also offer a professional way of editing or alienating your images. The Copy Document Time-Saver is a fast and easy way to duplicate your document while optionally reducing the size, merging it into one layer or converting it into a SmartObject. Hereby you can firstly create a smaller version of your big Photoshop file before experimenting with the FX-Panel looks. Once you’ve adjusted a look, you can always apply it to the big file.

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Number of presets



Sharpening, Apocalypse, Black & White, Chessboard, Comic, Copy Document, Coral, Duotone, Duplex, Export, Gentle Violet, Old Pola, Slideshow

Required Photoshop Version

Photoshop CC 2015.5 (or higher)

Created by



H&M: Johanna Rosskamp, Model: Belle, Photo: ©DomQuichotte

Required FX-Panel version

1.3.1 (and higher)


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