FX-Panel Look Kit



A Photoshop extension with lots of features. Add preset looks, effects or time-saver. Or add you own actions, scripts or Camera Raw filter. The FX-Panel is our main product and necessary if you want to use any of our presets. This is a kit containing 50 looks:



This Photoshop plugin is a container for presets. Add preset bundles form our shop your own Photoshop actions, Photoshop scripts and camera raw filter. Our presets come with a variety of options and adjustments. You can save these adjustment as custom presets. We divide presets in three categories: looks, effects and time-saver. Time-Savers will not only save you a lot of time, but they can create things, you probably wouldn’t do. The presets from our shop can be easily added with one click and offer many options, variations and customizations. Whether you’re a photographer, image editor, retoucher or graphic designer, this Photoshop panel can be effectively integrated into your workflow. For more informations, check out our tour and features.


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Product box mock-up of the FX-Panel Essential Kit