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Finally, the FX-Panel Retouching Bundle made it to the FX-Panel Shop.

This bundle for Photoshop is made for professional retouching. It contains 10 time-saving presets for the FX-Panel Photoshop extension, allowing you to be more efficient than ever. Save time with highly customizable and innovative retouching techniques. Edit your images like a pro with Dodge & Burn, Frequency Separation or Inverted High Pass. Maximize your results with automatic calculations, adjustable options, and intelligent algorithms. One of the smartest ways to edit pictures in Adobe Photoshop.

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10 professional retouching Presets for Photoshop

  1. Check Layers
  2. Dodge & Burn Curves
  3. Dodge & Burn Layer
  4. Elongation
  5. Frequency Separation
  6. Inverted High Pass
  7. Match Color
  8. Merge Layers
  9. New Layer
  10. Update Smart Object

Retouching tutorial for the FX-Panel

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