Make FX-PANEL your panel.

You control how the FX-Panel looks and reacts to certain situations. The settings are divided into five areas.

1. Panel-Settings

Contains all general settings, regarding the panel’s look and behavior, like displayed informations, start-up elements or how presets should be applied.

Info provides language and tooltip settings.

List view: thumbnails and infos can be changed.

Editing mode defines if a group or CameraRaw dialogs stay open after a preset was applied.

On startup: defines the view and Quick-Finder category on start-up.

Previous preset in document can be hidden, visible or deleted when adding a new preset.

Preset Hierarchy:  define where a preset should be positioned.

2. Camera Raw Options

This area is dedicated to all CameraRaw presets. It allows you to globally activate or deactivate grain, vignette, sharpening and noice reduction, no matter if these parameters are originally part of a presets or not.

For instance, if you want to add grain to your image for sure, simply activate it globally. You can define custom values for the grain or use auto. values. If you’d like to go without sharpening, just deactivate it globally. Now, every CameraRaw preset you’ll apply will add a grain and and no sharpening to your image.

Learn more about Auto. Values


3. Manage Preset Packs

Adding new presets is as simple as that: hit the “Load Presets…” button, select the .fxp file and press “Open”. That’s it! To delete a preset pack, simply click on the trash icon.

4. Export

Apply a preset to all images within a specific folder all at once and let FX-Panel do the work. You can either overwrite the existing files (PSD, JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF etc.) or save the results as JPGs in a separate, predefined folder within the original folder. 


5. Reset & Backup Options

In this area you can import, export and reset all the panel settings and preset options.

Reset Panel sets the FX-Panel back to its default. All presets packs will be deleted.

Reset Presets changes settings for all available presets all at once, like counter, favorites or visibility.

Backup Preset Setting exports and imports all the custom presets you created.

Backup Panel Setting exports and imports all the settings you’ve made.

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