A powerful search. Find what you need.

Every preset was carefully analyzed and tagged to give you the best results when searching for the perfect look. You can search for:

Search for color

Presets can be found by color with the color slider. The search refers to color shifting in the shadows, midtones or highlights. So, when searching for blue, presets with blue shadows and maybe yellow highlights will be shown as well as presets with blue highlights and maybe green midtones. In order to get a better understanding of the search results, change the panel’s width until the three color fields become visible. They represent shadows, midones and highlights (LTR). Red borders initiate the color shift.


Search for contrast and saturation

The contrast slider and saturation slider help finding presets that reduce or increase the contrast or saturation in your image. The scale ranges from -2 (very low contrast/saturation) over 0 (unchanged contrast/saturation) to +2 (very high contrast/saturation).


Search for type

The buttons within the search bar narrow your selection. You can search separately for CameraRaw, Adjustment Layers or Mixed Presets as well as for presets with additional options or custom presets.

Search for name or author

Needless to say, you can search for a preset’s name by simply typing it into the search field. You can also search for presets created by a specific person. Select Author in the drop-down menu next to the search field and choose an author from the list.


Search with tags

Every preset was categorized with specific tags, making it even easier for you to find what you need. The tags are divided into five categories:

  • Genre (e.g. architecture, landscape, or portrait)
  • Elements (e.g. sky, skin, water, dark background)
  • Light (e.g. studio, daylight, natural light)
  • Emotion (e.g. dramatic, intense, melancholic)
  • Look (e.g. prominent, subtle, stylized)

All tags assigned to a preset can be found on the preset’s info page. Clicking on one of the tags will automatically open the search. You can add additional tags by entering them manually.

Start typing and press Enter to search