Endless possibilities with FX-Panel Presets.

Whether it’s a look, an effect or a time-saving function. The FX-Panel offers a number of useful and highly professional presets, sorted by category, type and coloring.


A look is responsible for the colors and contrasts within a picture. Make it vintage, high-fashion or black & white.


Effects will manipulate your image, text or knock-outs. Comic style, advanced text effects or particles.


Mostly processes, that will save you a lot of time. Mathematical calculations, automatic values or a simple generation of multiple layers.

FX-Preset looks and effects are created with either Adjustment Layers, the Camera Raw filter or a combination of multiple layers.
Adjustment Layer

Presets created with Adjustement Layers and Fill Layers only. Most of those presets can also be created as a SmartFilter.


Looks or effects created with the Camera Raw filter on a new, copy merged layer, converted into a SmartObject.


Misc presets can be a combination of Adjustment Layers, Fill Layers, Camera Raw Filter or any other Photoshop feature.

Every FX-Presets look has a specific coloring. You can search or filter by color, black & white or monochrome presets.

Black & White


We also assigned a contrast and saturation value the every look, to keep track of they actually do.


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