Toggle between a list or images.

There are two main ways to display your presets in the FX-Panel. Choose between a list view or an image view.

The list view is arranged similar to Photoshop’s layers panel, providing small thumbnails or icons (round or rectangular), the preset’s name & set (optional) and additional informations and buttons (depending on the panel’s width). It allows you to see as many presets as possible.


The image view is perfect if you want to display your presets visually with less informations. It’s an easy way to get an idea of what a preset will actually do. All necessary informations (type, name, set or favorite) are provided in the preset bar or the top right corner. The image size can be adjusted with a slider.

Both list and image view are freely scalable in Photoshop. By increasing the list view’s width, additional informations emerge.

You can use a shortcut in Photoshop to toggle the list and image view.

More about shortcuts.

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