FX-Panel vs. Lightroom Presets!

Lightroom presets are a very common way to apply looks on your images. However, the FX-Panel is able to do things Lightroom is simply not capable of…


Options (FX-Panel)

All CameraRaw presets have options that only show important parameters.

Options (LR Preset)

No options or variations. Every parameter of the preset is editable, though. You only have to know, which one slider you need to change.

Overview (FX-Panel)

FX-Panel presets can be marked as favorite or hidden. They are also automatically categorized (e.g. black & white, monochrome, CameraRaw, adjustement layer, most recently used…).

Overview (LR Preset)

Lightroom Presets can be moved in custom folders (one level only). Many presets may lead to an overcrowded, confusing display.

Search (FX-Panel)

Search after name, type, effect, coloring, saturation, contrast, genre, emotion, look, element and light.

Search (LR Preset)

No search.

Auto. Values (FX-Panel)

Auto. Values for Grain, Sharpening and Noice Reduction.

Auto. Values (LR Preset)

No Auto. Values.

Features (FX-Panel)

Camera Raw development. Photoshop Features. Mass Export.

Features (Lightroom)

Camera Raw development. Mass export. Metadata. Renaming.

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