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Add and manage your own actions!

The FX-Panel is the perfect solution for organizing your Photoshop actions.

Add as many actions to the FX-Panel as you like

Actions can be added as presets right into the FX-Panel directly from the fly-out menu. You can select any existing action from any existing set and even name them independently. Your actions now appear as regular presets right within the FX-Panel.

Create custom images for your actions

Every FX-Panel presets has an individual picture. You can create custom images for your actions, too. Simply generate a Photoshop template, add and position your images and press “Create custom images”. 


Make your actions searchable

Add searchable parameters to your actions, like author, amount of layers, category, coloring, mode, supported bit format, contrast & saturation behaviour and permission for batch processing.


Keep your history clean

While every Photoshop action will leave every single step in the history protocol, the FX-Panel manages to create the same action with only one single entry. This keeps your protocol nice and clean.

You can use the FX-Panel as an organizing tool for your actions or you can combine your own actions with the FX-Panel presets. It’s up to you!

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