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The FX-Panel is a Photoshop® extension with a lot of amazing and powerful features. It is our main product and necessary if you want to use any of our presets.


Please note, this is a pre-release version (0.9.6) and may contain bugs – that’s why we have that special offer. Don’t worry, though. A final version will follow soon. It goes without saying, all bug fixes and feature updates are free and can be downloaded right from your account without additional order.

This Photoshop® panel is a pool of presets that contain interesting looks, effects, or time-saving features. The FX-Panel comes with 10 presets by default – our FX-Ray Essentials – and can be extended by any number of other presets from our shop. These presets can be easily added with one click and offer many options, variations and customizations. Whether you’re a photographer, image editor, retoucher or graphic designer, the FX-Panel can be effectively integrated into your workflow. For more informations, check out our videos and the features area.

Additional information



Required Photoshop Version

Photoshop CC 2015 (or higher)


0.9.1 (14. Nov. 2017)
  • Bug fixes
  • Changed location for presets on harddrive (to avoid problems with OneDrive, iCloud etc.)
0.9.5 (6. Dec. 2017)
  • Drag&Drop multiple preset bundles into the FX-Panel
  • Add & manage custom actions
  • Create custom Quick-Finder areas
  • Simplified FX-Panel Backup / Import / Export
  • Panel is now persistent (for faster opening)
  • Shortcut overview (flyout menu)
  • Bug fixes
0.9.6 (8. March 2017)
  • Files not stored in browser any more.
  • Bug fixes


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